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January 11th, 2010 admin No comments

Could someone please help me set up my equation for my Physics Studying?

Astronauts on a distant planet throw a rock straight up and record it’s motion with a video camera. After digitizing their video they are able to produce the graph of height and time. What is the acceleration of gravity on this planet?
Given: Chart
Total Time in air: 8s
I just don’t understand how to set up an equation to find the planet’s acceleration of gravity.
Let me look and I’ll get back to you in five minutes.
I found the way online. thank you though!

Is there any equation u can use that u can find the acceleration with the given u have.

Studying Physics at Northeastern University

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A lighthearted love story set among English scientists at the turn of the century. Fred Fairly is a Fellow of St. Angelicus College in Cambridge in 1912, studying physics. In the midst of a religious crisis, he meets and falls in love with Daisy …

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Schaum`s Outline of Physics for Engineering and Science (Paperback)


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Hidden Harmony


Looks at the unexpected synchronicity between physics and art in a study that looks at both disciplines from the perspective of creative processes, demonstrating how both share guiding aesthetics and compositional principles, revealing shared themes an…

The Age of Entanglement (Hardcover)


Illuminating one of the fundamental concepts of quantum physics, a detailed study examines the strange correlation between two separated particles, entitled “entanglement” by physicist John Bell, drawing on the work of the twentieth century`s leading p…

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Mathematics has often been at the forefront of our key discoveries in science, anticipating many of the developments in physics and helping to make sense of the data that scientists uncover. Reaching back into history, the author traces mathematic…

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Quick Calculus 2nd Edition A Self-Teaching Guide Calculus is essential for understanding subjects ranging from physics and chemistry to economics and ecology. Nevertheless, countless students and others who need quantitative skills limit their fut…

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This powerful study tool makes it possible—-even for students with relatively weak training in mathematics and science problem solving—-to quickly gain the reasoning skills and confidence they need to master physics and excel on exams. It coa

God According to God (Hardcover)


An MIT-educated scientist and professor at Jerusalem`s Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies outlines a physics-based paradigm of how to understand God that presents a case for a living, evolving divine being who is still learning how to relate to cre…

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Cracking the Ap Physics C Exam, 2011 (Paperback)


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